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Aurora Borealis – Tromso 2010

We are now to touch upon the profoundest mystery of the whole manifested solar system – the mystery spoken of by H.P.B. as the mystery of electricity. It is intimately connected with the life of God as demonstrated through His seven Centres, the seven Heavenly Men, the Divine Manasaputras.A Treatise on Cosmic Fire by Alice A. Bailey [p.259]

The above video is a beautiful display of the Aurora Borealis filmed by photographer Tor Even Mathisen in Tromso, Norway in 2010.

What is the Aurora Borealis?

Aurora Borealis (definition): A natural electrical phenomenon characterized by the appearance of streamers of coloured light in the sky, especially near the northern or southern magnetic pole. The effect occurs:-

when highly charged electrons from the solar wind interact with elements in the earth’s atmosphere. Solar winds stream away from the sun at speeds of about 1 million miles per hour. When they reach the earth, some 40 hours after leaving the sun, they follow the lines of magnetic force generated by the earth’s core and flow through the magnetosphere, a teardrop-shaped area of highly charged electrical and magnetic fields.” – see http://science.howstuffworks.com/nature/climate-weather/atmospheric/question471.htm

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