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Esoteric Essays

Each month we publish an essay highlighting goodwill in world affairs.

You are the Secret Treasure-bearer

Secret Treasure Bearer

Throughout the eons of human existence we have moved through countless concepts and ideas about the divine. And as the old civilisation crumbles around us and the new is still forming, some of us may still carry the legacy of earlier ideas of a vengeful God instilling fear, apportioning blame and exacting punishment. Others, experiencing the pain of the world …

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The Era of the Mother of the World

Mother of the World

The Christmas decorations are being stored away and the New Year celebration is becoming a memory. Children are preparing to return to school and their parents are re-immersing in the working week. But our eyes have been refreshed from interaction with family and friends and have been reminded that connections of love underlie what brings peace, happiness and joy. Perhaps …

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Joy is a Special Wisdom

Lotus with swallow

As we approach Christmas and a New Year, we enter a cyclic turning point. It is a time of remembering and completion, and as the cycle turns into a new moment, Time offers a fresh page for renewed inspiration. We plan family gatherings, remember old friends and, as we enter the New Year, we set new goals – perhaps a …

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Reflect the Truth and Beauty of Life

Lotus of Truth & Beauty

Here in the Southern hemisphere we are in the midst of the Spring season and the fragrance of flowering plants floats invisibly and silently on subtle air currents, carrying memories of past cycles and anticipation of the new. As we breathe in the beauty and promise of each season passing in its cyclic progression, we too automatically move through the …

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Two Wings to Fly – Not One

Two wings to fly

Many may remember when, as children, we looked forward with excitement to a special event such as Christmas Day – anticipating its joys, surprises and the gifts that might magically appear! Then there comes the point when we shift from anticipation of a future event and into the living experience of the present moment. Until that moment things can be …

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Feel a River Moving in You


Looking through the current turmoil in our world, one can discern the rising response of the human heart to the need of the hour. As that need becomes more urgently clear, so does the heart response intensify. Wherever we look, either immediately around us or through the global media network, points of need within all the natural kingdoms are being …

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Bursting with the Joy of the Unknown

Bursting with the Joy of the Unknown

How wise are our children when they ask those incessant questions! Our early childhood is a phase of accelerated learning about the world and then something happens as we move into adulthood. Along the way we begin to take so many things for granted that we may cease to question and to touch the vital stimulation of discovery. It’s as …

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A Pathway of Light

Pathway of Light

Oft-repeated things may also be the soonest forgotten, obscured by familiarity while our attention wanders elsewhere. Thus the magical process of conveying meaning and significance can be short-circuited when we speak automatically, detached from a deep and living engagement in the flow from the subtle world of inspiration into the world of its expression. Yet every word has the potential …

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The Love That Dissolves All Barriers

Love Dissolves All Barriers

While the recent tragedy in Manchester brings yet more shock and grief into the world, what comes most powerfully to the fore is the unifying outpouring of heart-response – from the homeless man donating blood as the one thing he had to offer, to the groups gathering in solidarity no matter each one’s religion, racial background, political ideology or social …

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The Tenderness Revolution

Tenderness Revolution

The deepest truths are often found in the simplest things when we look into the heart that enlivens their outer form. Appearances really can be deceptive – like fake news – unless we stretch our view beyond the surface and beyond the “twitter” moment. This more subtle and penetrating sense of things is illustrated in the movie, The Hobbit – …

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