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archangel michael
From a statue of St. Michael the Archangel

The Festival of Michaelmas 29 September 2020

An invitation for subjective participation in the Festival of Michaelmas

Sydney Goodwill invites all who resonate to hold a subjective focus throughout the day of the 29th September 2020 where we actively connect to spirit at the heart of all living forms.
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It is a day for renewal of Humanity – wholly and inwardly – of and through the heart.

Who is Archangel Michael?

Archangel Michael is the Leader of the Angelic Hosts of Heaven and has been regarded from very early times as the chief of the Archangels and a Divine Messenger.

Among the attributes and titles given to Archangel Michael are these twelve:

  1. “Who is like unto God”.  The word Michael is derived from a Hebrew root which suggests this title.
  2. Recorder of Humanity’s deeds in the heavenly Books.
  3. The Celestial medium through which the law was given.
  4. Captain of the Heavenly Hosts.
  5. Guardian of the spirits of the dead.
  6. Slayer of the dragon.
  7. Weigher of the souls of the departed.
  8. Guardian of the Holy Sanctuaries.
  9. Preparer of the Way.
  10. He works with the principle of Freedom – leaving Humanity totally free to act. He works with the consequences of all that Humanity creates.
  11. Leader of the Church triumphant in Heaven and militant on Earth.
  12. The Countenance of God.[i]

There is no record to suggest that St. Michael has ever assumed a bodily form, however accounts of his appearances in His subtle form have come down to us from early times. He is said to have been present with the other Archangels – Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael – at the birth of Jesus and to have remained with Him until the Ascension. It is understood that He was the Angel Who was with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and, since the commencement of the Age of Michael in 1879, He and His hosts have been working as the Preparers of the Way for the Christ of Aquarius.[ii]

What is the Festival of Michaelmas?

Rudolf Steiner has written eloquently about the Festival of Michaelmas and Archangel Michael’s role in it. Steiner envisioned a time when the Festival of Michaelmas would be celebrated on the 29th September each year with the same reverence as the Festivals of Christmas and Easter. He said that the celebration of this new Festival would come when Humanity was connecting with its true place in the Cosmos – with a deep appreciation and knowing of its relationship both with the Heavenly bodies and with all the kingdoms of Nature on Earth.
Whereas the previous Archangel Age was the epoch of Gabriel in which Humanity developed its capacity to understand natural science; in this new Age of Archangel Michael, a radical shift is taking place in Humanity’s inner essence such that our thinking, heart and mind is being permeated with the Michael impulse.[iii]

Archangel Michael comes to us as we rise, in a fully conscious way, to meet Him in spirit.
We do that by appropriating His way of seeing things. A silent and taciturn spirit, He does not communicate with us so much through words as through His gaze – the power and direction of His gaze. He has the capacity to see through outer forms to their inner essence – which is not separate from His inner essence.  It’s a capacity to enter into the spirit of everything.  When we appropriate this capacity we do not merely notice, observe or appreciate beauty within the cosmic or earthly realms but rather become aware of our real spiritual relationship with everything within all kingdoms. For example, when we encounter a flower we see beyond its outward appearance and connect with the elemental or devic presence informing its life. As we connect through this new way of looking – through our gaze – and meeting at the level of the essence of life, we assist the process of liberation and evolution through a process of identification or direct communion.

Rudolf Steiner says that our attitude to flowers is merely:

… sipping at what we should really be drinking. We sip by forming concepts and ideas whereas we should really drink deeply by uniting, through our heartfelt awareness, with the elemental spirits of the things and beings that surround us.[iv]

Steiner invites us to enter into active relationship with spirit as it underpins outer forms in all kingdoms of nature. We do this through identifying with or entering into direct communion with that with which we connect. Steiner says:

An idea…can be sensed in its abundant beauty. But when we grasp it in its full spiritual significance we can also feel the responsibility we thereby incur towards the whole cosmos.[v]

The Festival of Michaelmas occurs first in our hearts where the fire within is kindled. It is the fire beyond words and language, beyond any differentiation of nationality or culture.  It is the real inner experience of spirit – a living experience.

Steiner says:

I want to fire everyone
with the spirit of the cosmos
so each becomes flame,
unfolds the fiery
being of his being.[vi]

An invitation for subjective participation in the Festival of Michaelmas

Sydney Goodwill invites all who resonate to hold a subjective focus throughout the day of the 29th September 2020 where we actively connect to spirit at the heart of all living forms.

It is a day for renewal of Humanity – wholly and inwardly – of and through the heart.


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