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Journey to the WESAK VALLEY in TIBET 1985

Legend has it that the Wesak festival forms itself into a channel for the transmission of power, and blessings from the levels on which the Buddha may be found. He acts as a focal point for that power and, passing it through his aura, pours it over humanity.

The above video is an introductory clip from The Film Journey, which has no narrative and beautiful backing music and sounds created by Carlos Angeles and Lucinda Dreaming. It has been described as a more meditative and intuitive approach to the Wesak Festival. In monochromatic tones it is more classical and old worldly in its film style.  It is from the DVD “Journey to the Wesak Valley in Tibet” which can be purchased from Albert Falzon at  www.wesakfilm.com

The full length video documents a journey to the Wesak Valley in Tibet which began in 1985 in Lhasa.

The planning for the journey began in New York in 1981 when David Thomas, Albert Falzon and Mary Bailey spoke about raising awareness of the Wesak Festival in the west. It was to take until May 1985 to get there. But every day was a joyous adventure with never a doubt that they would arrive at their destination. Unfortunately the winter of 1985 in Tibet was a winter of epic proportions. In April, Lhasa was still surrounded by snow. The journey west was to be challenging.

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