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Soul Impulses – Towards a New Humanity

 The advanced thinking, the success of the many esoteric movements and above all, the marvels of science and the wonder of the many humanitarian movements, indicate no divine frustration but growth of spiritual understanding; the forces of the spirit are unconquered. These aspects of human behaviour indicate the wonder of the divinity which is in man and the success of the divine plan for humanity. Divinity, however, awaits the expression of man’s free will; his intelligence and his growth in goodwill are already being expressed.” [The Reappearance of the Christ page 164]

Around our world today, in our nation and community through to our next door neighbours, there are changes in the way we value and think about each other and about the creatures, plants and ecology in which we all live interdependently.

The Good Samaritan is alive and well and multiplying a million-fold.

On the surface there still appears to be the egocentric striving to compete for material livelihood and advancement. Yet a major catastrophe like a bushfire or any of the recent natural disasters so readily draws forth the human heart. The majority of “ordinary” people respond to those affected with the same compassion, kindness and love they might show to a beloved family member. The Good Samaritan is alive and well and multiplying a million-fold.

The heart of humanity is expressing through the humanitarian agencies from local support groups, to national charities (such as the Smith Family, Animal Welfare, the Wilderness Society, etc), to the international organisations (such as the Red Cross, Care Australia, World Vision, Amnesty International, Medecins sans Frontiers, etc). Just 100 years ago most of these support groups, aid agencies and charities did not exist – and certainly not with the extensive reach, recognition and support they have today.

At the same time we are living in an increasing diversity and complexity of living whose scope is beyond any individual. We must cooperate with one another’s expertise in order to survive. We rely on each other – electricians, builders, farmers, computer technicians, energy suppliers, heath service providers, educators, etc, etc. Man can no longer live entirely unto himself.

These are paralleling trends – one to serve the individual through interdependence while the other serves others in need. Both are inspired by the Great Life that breathes through our world and will carry us forward into a new experience of our planetary living.

Why do we care about the people next door, the disadvantaged in our community, the destitute on the other side of the world? Perhaps this attests to the sense of relationship we feel with all other human beings. Perhaps it indicates the first glimpse of a society that lives from the heart?

Surely we will envision a civilisation based on soul recognition, relationship and living 

What is emerging in human consciousness, culture and civilisation that strengthens the sense of relationship we have with all things and with our world? Where will this lead? If we follow the direction of the indicated trend surely we will envision a civilisation based on soul recognition, relationship and living – for the soul is Love in its most perfect state beyond current imagining.

In such a civilisation, who will guide? Who will lead and point the way of our further progress? What will be the valued goals when we no longer spend our lives seeking material security and “success”? How will the kingdom of God on Earth be? What might be its purpose and goals?

Some references of interest:

It is interesting to note that—on a world-wide scale—the world disciple, Humanity, is today on the verge of this major awakening and joint registration of a unity not hitherto reached; the growth of the spirit of internationalism, the inclusiveness of the scientific attitude, and the spread of a universal humanitarian welfare movement are all indicative of this meeting place.” [the Rays and the Initiations page 365]

For the masses—under the slow processes of evolution—the next step forward is the aligning of the soul and the form, so that there can be a blending in consciousness, following on a mental appreciation of the Christ principle and its deep expression in the life of the race. This is something which can be seen quite clearly emerging, if you have the eyes to see. It is evident in the universal interest in goodwill, leading eventually to peace; this desire for peace may be based on individual or national selfishness, or upon a true desire to see a happier world wherein man can lead a fuller spiritual life and base his efforts on truer values; it can be seen in all the planning which is going on for a new world order, based on human liberty, belief in human rights and right human relations; it is demonstrating also in the work of the great humanitarian movements, the welfare organisations, and the widespread evocation of the human mind through the network of educational institutions throughout the world. The Christ spirit is expressively present, and the failure to recognise this fact has been largely due to the prevalent human effort to explain and interpret this phrase solely in terms of religion, whereas the religious interpretation is but one mode of understanding Reality. There are others of equal importance. All the great avenues of approach to Reality are spiritual in nature and interpretive of divine purpose, and whether the religious Christian speaks of the Kingdom of God, or the humanitarian emphasises the brotherhood of man, or the leaders against evil head the fight for the new world order or for the Four Freedoms or the Atlantic Charter, they all express the emergence of the love of God in its form of the spirit of Christ.” [The Rays and the Initiations page 499-500]

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  1. I love the thought that “The Good Samaritan is alive and well and multiplying a million-fold.”

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