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The Mindful Classroom

The Mindful Classroom –  7 Minutes.    In 2014 Opening Minds delivered an eight week mindfulness programme into four Nelson Primary Schools. Jaime talks about how mindfulness helps children and teachers to focus their attention and bring about a greater capacity for emotional well-being. Opening Minds was contracted by the Mental Health Foundation to deliver this project. It’s offered by this organisation: www.openingminds.co.nz/#opening-minds-2-1

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“A sound may be rightly understood and still produce no results. Therefore, let us not forget the heart’s energy, which must accompany the sound. It would be unfit if sound alone held the decisive significance; then many singers could attain results. An empty sound is like the clash of brass. You have heard how glass vessels have been shattered by vibration; yet even such vibration must be accompanied by thought. Even a wave of extraneous thought can increase the effect. Therefore, thought as the impelling force is so valued.

One should not be surprised if, in speaking of prayer, emphasis is put on the need of mindfulness of the vibratory conditions. Such investigation of all the attributes of communion with the Higher World will be the true path. The heart should not be forgotten amidst observations, for all the other aspects must be subordinated to the heart.” [Aum 50.]

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