Tuesday , 16 July 2024
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Intelligent Trees – 3 minute trailer

Trees talk, know family ties and care for their young? Is this too fantastic to be true? German forester Peter Wohlleben (‘The Hidden Life of Trees’) and scientist Suzanne Simard (The University of British Columbia, Canada) have been observing and investigating the communication between trees over decades. And their findings are most astounding.

For more information, see www.intelligent-trees.com

Even plants and trees influence each other. Every gardener knows this reciprocal action, knows where grow mutual friends and where enemies. Then how much more pronounced must be these interactions in the animal kingdom and certainly among men! … The fiery heart senses such mutual interactions far more clearly, but these manifestations should be noted. It is not enough to sense them; they must be transferred to the consciousness, to be utilized ultimately for good. The ability to transfer sensations to the consciousness is acquired through experience.”  [Fiery World I, 595.]

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