Tuesday , 4 June 2024
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Wisdom Bites – Planetary Archetypes

36-minute video from Monadic Media featuring speakers William Meader & Heidi Robbins

You’ve got to understand that a planet is an entity too. The planet is an entity and it’s evolving and it has a lower nature and a higher nature and sometimes the planet’s lower nature is being what is recognized and sometimes it’s its higher nature. So just very simply put the planets are great beings and living beings and they are evolving as we are evolving and they are moving through initiations of consciousness as we are moving through initiations of consciousness; and some of the planets have evolved more fully than others and so when we speak of the sacred planets that they are those that have gone beyond certain initiations where the non-sacred planets are still on the path of evolution but have not reached the same level as the sacred planets.

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