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World Goodwill Newsletter

The World Goodwill Newsletter is a regular publication highlighting the energy of goodwill in world affairs. It presents a universal spiritual approach to topics of concern and draws attention to the work of uplifting humanity achieved in many different fields by civil society, the United Nations, and other actors. A sample of topics covered include:

  • UN Reform
  • The impact and meaning of the 2004 Tsunami
  • Spiritual aspects of business
  • Laws, Goodwill and Justice.

The latest, inspiring edition can be found on the Lucis Trust website. Here is an extract:

The invisible combination of gases that we call air is one of the foundations of life on Earth. Circulation within the atmosphere is the basis of life; as the winds blow freely across the surface of the Earth, so air circulates in the lungs, and blood in the veins. This symbolises a universal truth that free circulation in all aspects of life is the way to health and the sense of unity and wholeness…
In this newsletter, we will be examining some of the individual and collective dimensions of air and breathing, to better understand the responsibility of all people of goodwill to contribute to the great collective change of heart and mind that will shift the bal­ance back towards a more healthy circulation.” Continue reading on the Lucis Trust website

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