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The Nature of Light

“Light is the radiant energy  which, by its action upon the organs of vision, enables them to perform their function of sight – more accurately luminous energy.” ~ Websters dictionary

When we come to light, we are coming to the fundamental activity in which existence has its ground … Light is the potential of everything. ~ David Bohm

“Light and the other radiations are signals that spread out from an event like ripples through the universe … The light of the radio wave or the X-ray is the ultimate carrier of news or messages, and forms a basic network of information which links the material universe together.” ~ Jacob Bronowski

“Thus at whatever competent source we may inquire, we will always receive the same answer; namely, that this divine light of the Logos is the foundation of all existence … It is the most manifested thing upon earth, and nevertheless the greatest of all mysteries.  It is the Shekinah of the Jews, the Sophia of the Gnostics, the Daiviprakriti of the Brahmins, the Fohat of the Buddhists, the Mother of Christ of the Christians, the Isis of the Egyptians, the spiritual sunlight of the Parsees, and the only possible reasonable object of worship for anyone aspiring towards eternal life.” ~ Franz Hartmen

For information about the United Nations International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies visit: Light 2015

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