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Through Smile

The Messenger by Nicholas Roerich
“The Messenger” by Nicholas Roerich


Messenger, my Messenger!
Thou standest and smilest
And thou dost not know what thou hast brought
Me. Thou hast brought me the gift
Of healing. Each tear of mine
Shall heal the wounds of the world.

But, Ruler, whence shall I
Take so many tears and to which
Of the wounds of the world shall I give
My first torrent?

O my Messenger, thou standest
And smilest. Dost thou not have
A command to heal sorrow
Through smile?

by Nicholas Roerich 1921
Translated from the Russian in the anthology Flame in Chalice

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  1. Love your newsletter! William is with us in Victoria, BC, Canada and presented today!

    From one of a group of similar intent with Love!

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