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Full SuperMoon in Aries September 29th 2023

In this 46-min video, Pam says that this is the fourth Supermoon in a row, one which could bring about many radical changes in values, less materialistic, with more focus upon sharing, caring and community. Being in Aries, there is likely to be a speedy and dynamic energy, where individual rights and freedoms could come into conflict with state power. In such a time of dynamic change, it is an opportunity for each of us to shift to a higher level, where everything is heart-based. Pam wants us to know that the New Earth is already here; but it is not a place, it is a frequency; a state of expanded consciousness full of Love and Light, and one which we can learn to master, should we choose to do so.

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Sydney Goodwill works to enhance all serving souls to develop their service, and to distribute the Ageless Wisdom teachings to all who are searching.

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  1. So grateful to Astrologer Pam Gregory
    for clarifying our emotions regarding
    these huge Retrograde planetary effects.
    Whether we were intuitively aware,or not
    we can at least resume, a little less tentatively,
    accessing and evolving in Divine Spirit.Amen!

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