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The Book Finds You

How often are we reminded that apparently serendipitous events are really the result of greater guiding forces moving through our lives and offering the next step?

When a group of us at Sydney Goodwill were asked recently by a Marketing Consultant, “How did you come upon the one book that triggered an intuitive and enduring spiritual recognition?” … the answers each of us gave were quite surprising.

In fact we realised that the “book” found us!

Examples of how the book finds you

How did you come upon the one book that triggered an intuitive and enduring spiritual recognition?

One individual recalled how she had received an impression to find a book in a second hand bookshop. She found herself standing in front of a shelf where a book literally fell out off the shelf and into her hands. After taking it to the counter to buy, the cashier asked where she had found it and then told her that the book should not even have been on that shelf. The book was “The Reappearance of the Christ” by Alice A. Bailey.

Another recalled how a friend who usually couldn’t wait to share the latest book purchase had brought home two books which he seemed reluctant to share. With her curiosity well and truly piqued, she pressed him to be allowed to look at them. She began a quick browse of the first book where it had opened automatically. She felt powerfully and almost physically drawn into it and knew instantly that “here was absolute truth”. The book was “Discipleship in the New Age, volume I” by Alice A. Bailey.


Perhaps you might like to tell us about how you came upon the book that sparked your epiphany moment?

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