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Crab nebula over the Earth

Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon – 2021

Actual Full Moon: Fri 25th Jun 4:39am AEST

This month’s full moon occurs 3-4 days after the Winter/Summer Solstice, depending on where you are located in the world. It will be a supermoon, which means the moon is at its closest position to the Earth. In Northern America, they call it a strawberry moon. This is nothing to do with the colour, more so for the time of year of the moon. The late Spring/early Summertime brings the season of strawberries, due to its warmth.

The moon and its influence is really important at this time. The moon rules the sign of Cancer, into which the Sun will move on Monday the 21st of June (Sydney time). Due to this Sun placement, the movement of the moon and the attributes associated with it are to be taken into account when thinking about the current energetic field.

Cancer is a sign that rules the masses. It is linked to mass consciousness, the group herd mentality that exists within all of us. It is one of the parts of us that links us as human beings. It has been written that Cancer rules the gate into mass consciousness or life here on Earth, and the opposite sign of Capricorn which rules the gate out, into Spirit.

In the house system, Cancer rules the fourth house. It is in this house where we have our base level roots and patterns of behaviour anchored within us. This is done through many ways, including – karma – both group and personal, DNA, family traits, parental, family and environmental conditioning, plus more.

The effect coming from Cancer is where we learn and express patterns of behaviour given to and inherited by others and either taken on board or rejected by us (usually after a lot of self-work). This is the link to the subconscious and learned patterns of behaviour. There are so many things that we do that are accepted beliefs, ingrained within Humanity and instinctively followed.

It is no wonder that Cancer is linked to the moon. The moon runs to a cycle every day and every month. It has a cycle where it revolves around the Earth, going through different phases of reflection of the Sun’s light. We can predict every month that this will happen. Instinctively we can count on the moon and its cycles being there, offering light (except when new) during the night.

Due to living many lives here on Earth, you have come to count on the moon too. The amount of times you would have looked up to the moon – during your long cycle of incarnations – would be stupendous.

So many of our religious beliefs and festivals are based around the moon, where it is and what it is doing. The full moons usually indicate a completion or a starting of a festival. Same with the new moons. These were and still are tied to cycles, spells, planting seasons. The list goes on.

Is the above new information? No it is not. It is inherited beliefs and habits, patterns of behaviour that we pick up and instinctively take on board, depending on the conditions in which we were brought up and the environment we were surrounded with. Here is part of the power of Cancer. It can also be a negative influence, especially if you want to stand out from the pack or herd. The black sheep is a perfect example for this. Those that balk or rebel against the mass consciousness thought-form often stand alone, breaking the Cancerian hold or grip and standing in their own light. Luckily this is supported by the higher attributes of Cancer, which allows for the subconscious connection to Humanity, and also for one to stand in one’s own power, as you will see below.

The higher mantram for this sign is – ‘I build a lighted house and therein dwell’. Here the crab (the symbol of Cancer) builds a house for it to live in. This house is used for protection from the outer world, but also as a refuge for others to come and rest and to be nurtured. The strong connection that Cancer has with the energy of the mother encourages nurturing of others, by many means. This can include – love, food, emotional support, healing, protection, encouragement, etc.

This month, where the Sun travels through this sign, we have the opportunity to work on building our own lighted house. Whether that be purely within ourselves, or a refuge for others, we have the energies available to us to encourage this. Whether you have already laid some of the foundations – just need to finish the outer deck, or you need to lay the whole foundations – use the energy of Cancer to tap into your own subconscious mind and work on your own lighted house.

This should be easier with the Mercury retrograde finishing on the morning of Wednesday the 23rd (Sydney time). The last few weeks have been a great time to review things, to go over plans made and look at some of the finer details. That’s one of the main gifts of a Mercury retrograde. The perceived slowing of the energy of Mercury allows the thought process to be clarified. This is a good thing when you are aware of it and use it.

The Saturn/Uranus square is now activated again. We know that this is flowing out into the field. It is a real shame that there is so much censoring going on at the moment (part of the Saturn influence) as we would be able to more accurately perceive how things are playing out. Unfortunately with controlled censorship and echo chambers to suit narratives, we do not accurately see how everyone is responding to the current energies. I do know that Uranus is there though, pushing the line of freedom. Its energy is beyond that of a controlling few, so I am curious as to what the effect will be in Cancer. I perceive unrest happening. It will be interesting to see how this effects the subconscious of Humanity.

A positive aspect for the actual Full Moon is that Jupiter will be sextile the moon and trine the Sun. As it is in Pisces, I think it is going to offer great spiritual insight at the time when it is sorely needed. It will also expand and enhance the Full moon energies.

Having the Full Moon in Capricorn will remind us to ground our emotions, to not get too carried away with subconscious reactions and things we cannot see. Head in the clouds and feet on the ground is what I think of with the combination.

Try to be close to water at the time of the Full Moon. Cancer is a water sign and as such, will encourage you to add the water dynamic to your life. I went to the national park here in Sydney this week, watching the whales frolic and play. I was lucky enough to have the rare experience of a sighting of a seal. This encouraged me to have fun and play, regardless of the heaviness of current world problems😄

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