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LILA -A short film by Carlos Lascano


9 minute short film about Lila, who helps others and herself by putting humour and unrelenting positivity into action in the world around her, with a magic sketchpad. According to the filmmaker: “This short film somehow completes a sort of aesthetic trilogy I have started in 2008 with ‘A short love story in Stop Motion’ and then followed in 2011 …

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Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Part 1 – Akasha

inner world outer world

This is Part one of the film: Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds. Akasha is the unmanifested, the “nothing” or emptiness which fills the vacuum of space. As Einstein realized, empty space is not really empty. Saints, sages and yogis who have looked within themselves have also realized that within the emptiness is unfathomable power, a web of information or energy which …

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A heart that sees

a heart that sees

Truth, Wisdom and A Heart That Sees, Do Transcend The Five Senses 1 ½ minute video with accompanying quotes from the Koran: _ Quran [022:46] : “Have they not traveled in the land, and have they hearts wherewith to feel and ears wherewith to hear ?. For indeed it is not the eyes that grow blind, but it is the …

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Yes I can

yes I can

We’re The Superhumans | Rio Paralympics 2016 Trailer (3 minute video) This remarkably positive video was made by Channel 4 in the UK to promote interest in the Paralympics in Brazil, which will follow the main Olympic Games. This video conveys a real zap of positive energy, which is something we can all use from time to time, but if you …

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The ‘Voice’ of our Earth

the voice of our earth

NASA Space Recordings Of Earth Our Universe Is Not Silent~ Although space is a vacuum, this does not mean there is no sound in space. Sound does exist as electromagnetic vibrations. The specially designed instruments on board the Voyager and other probes, picked up and recorded these vibrations, all within the range of human hearing (20-20,000 cycles per second).

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The physics of sound creating form

the physics of sound creating form

See the power of sound creating form. People say the soul on hearing the song of creation entered the body but, in reality the soul itself was the song”. – Sufi Master Hazart Khan Consciousness is somehow a by-product of the simultaneous, high-frequency firing of neurons in different parts of the brain. It’s the meshing of these frequencies that generates …

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A powerful message from Carl Sagan – Pale Blue Dot

pale blue dot

Set to the words of Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot is an animation that situates human history against the tapestry of the cosmos. Using an eclectic combination of art styles woven seamlessly together through music and visuals, the animation seeks to remind us that regardless of our differences, we are one species living together on the planet we call Earth. An …

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Nicholas Roerich Signs of Christ

signs of christ

Illumination, II:V:5. The Star of Allahabad pointed out the way. And so We visited Sarnath and Gaya. Everywhere We found the desecration of religion. On the way back, under the full moon, occurred the memorable saying of Christ. During the night march the guide lost his way. After some seeking I found Christ seated upon a sand mound looking at …

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Triangles network of planetary light

triangles network

Triangles Service Meditation Produced in September 2015, this video introduces the service meditation practice of Triangles and features interviews with Triangles practitioners. There is increasing recognition of the power of meditation and visualisation. This power can be employed on a global scale for spiritual purposes if we try to understand the spiritual needs of the world and the contribution we …

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Esoteric Psychology

esoteric psychology

This 36-minute video is on Esoteric Psychology (Science of the Soul) From the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul: Psychology is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as “the science of mind”, at one time considered a branch of metaphysics. Today we are more inclined to include all the conditioning subjective factors as psychological in nature–mental and emotional impulses and soul contact, to whatever …

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