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The Chalice of the Heart

This video is over an hour long, but it’s quite wonderful to watch even a snippet of it. Published by Monadic Media, ‘The Chalice of the Heart’ is based upon Mary Gray’s book “The Chalice of the Heart – Christian Teachings of the Greek Adept 1949”  (available from Amazon). Psalm 27:- The one thing I ask of the Lord That which I …

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Short Buddhist stories

4 noble truths

A collection of short Buddhist stories or parables, including the above 1-minute summary of the 4 Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold path, narrated by Stephen Fry.         From the Alice Bailey books: I would point out that the two greatest revealing Agents Who have ever come to Earth within the range of modern history made the …

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An Indigenous View on Oneness

an indigenous view on oneness

3-minute video. Powerful words from Indigenous Elder, Miliwanga Wurrben, on the only true way to overcome obstacles and fighting in the world.

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Tibetan Healing Sounds – Singing Bowls

tibetan singing bowls

The above 1 hour 50-minute video is of Tibetan Singing Bowls and nature sounds for healing, meditation and relaxation. From Wikipedia:- “Struck bowls are used in some Buddhist religious practices to accompany periods of meditation and chanting. Struck and singing bowls are widely used for music making, meditation and relaxation, as well as for personal spirituality. They have become popular with music therapists, …

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The Frequency of the Universe is Music

the frequency of the universe is music

The Frequency of the Universe is Music The one thing that connects everything in the Universe is music. Everything and everyone of us is made of energy that is vibrating. When things vibrate they create sound waves, which we hear as sounds, words, or music. Music can literally be the Language of the Universe. We can FEEL it. Sound travels …

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The Conscious Harmonic Universe

conscious harmonic universe

21 minute video from Randy Masters PhD., Professor of Music, who describes his lifelong research into how the Universe of Harmonics really work.

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Gratitude for Water

water has memory - video

Above is a 2½ minute video illustrating the memory of water. Gratitude for Water – a short article from Viv Smith of Sydney Goodwill I have always thanked the water as I turned off the shower. The water goes into the sea eventually and I like to think that the gratitude goes with it.  We have so much to be …

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In These Arms, A Song for All Beings — Jennifer Berezan

6:57 Giant Dog Approaches Little Girl In Hospital Bed, Now Keep Your Eye On His Back Shocking Story TODAY Recommended for you New 8:42 Try Not To Laugh Challenge - Funny bird videos awesome compilation 2017 Happiness Kingdom Recommended for you 8:23 Biggest mistake with Egg shells and gardening Garden Fever Recommended for you 9:04 How to Stop you cockatiel from being scared! Parrot Whisperer Recommended for you 17:10 The Song of the Butterfly [Hungary 2014] HD Geri Dagys 12M views 13:01 Mantra Music: Ong Namo by Snatam Kaur Spirit Voyage 9.8M views 4:53 How to Tame A Cockatiel eHowPets Recommended for you 5:06 $2,500 USD Habiterra Affordable House LMRodriguezA Recommended for you 23:11 Top 5 Bollywood Dance Songs | [Traditional Hits] | JukeBox PowerMusicBox Recommended for you 21:46 Unanimous - 'She Who Hears the Cries of the World' Olympia Dukakis, Star Goddess (Starhawk) Unanimous 11K views 16:32 Impossible Shamanic Voice by Istvan Sky - Divine Overtone Chanting Istvan Sky 1.6M views 9:09 The Heart Sūtra Mantra by Deva Premal klankinspiratie 1.3M views 9:39 Divine Mother ~ Sacred Earth Aquariel Charm 758K views In These Arms, A Song for All Beings — Jennifer Berezan

May all beings be happy May all beings be safe May all beings everywhere be free 11 minutes. The official Jennifer Berezan music video produced by renowned photographer Irene Young with co-producer, Laurelin Remington-Wolf. Featuring excerpts from the making of the hour-long chant CD including gorgeous footage of musicians from around the world, the Buddhist nuns of South Korea, and …

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William Meader returns to Australia 2018

esoteric philosophy talk by William Meader

In the above 41-minute video,  William Meader shares ideas on what is esotericism. About William Meader: An influential and respected teacher of The Esoteric Philosophy, William Meader has established an international reputation for his gift as a communicator of this philosophy. His extensive teaching program includes a diverse array of workshops and lectures devoted to nurturing a deeper understanding of …

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Anila Quayyum Agha: Intersections

Anila Quayyum Agha: Intersections from Walley Films on Vimeo. “Intersections” was inspired by Agha’s seminal experience of exclusion as a woman from Mosques, a space of community and creativity, while growing up in Pakistan. The wooden frieze emulates a pattern from the Alhambra, a palace where Islamic and Western discourses met and co-existed in harmony, and serves as a metaphor …

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