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Leo The Lower and Higher Lions

leo - the lower and higher lion

Three short video clips relating to Leo from William Meader. The first is a 1½-minute segment from an interview with William Meader on the lower and higher lions. There are two kinds of lions – the everyday lion and the enlightened lion.  We want the enlightened lion to come into the field of Aquarius, and we want the enlightened Aquarian …

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WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR? – Official Trailer

wont you be my neighbour - trailer

2½ minute official trailer for Morgan Neville’s new movie. Won’t You Be My Neighbor? is a 2018 American documentary film directed by Morgan Neville about the life and guiding philosophy of Fred Rogers, the host and creator of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. The trailer for the film debuted on what would have been Rogers’s 90th birthday, March 20, 2018. Not yet released in Australia, “Won’t You Be My Neighbour?” has …

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O World Project Interview – Science to Sage eMagazine – Karen Elkins

science to sage interview

This 37-minute video is an interview with entrepreneur Karen Elkins, author of “Science to Sage” eMagazine and creator of the O World Project. Right now, when everything is starting to shift,  we really do need to be ultimately creative, ultimately expressive, and ultimately out there redesigning our future.Karen Elkins “The mission of the O World Project is to provide an …

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Everything is Connected — Here’s How: | Tom Chi

In this 17 minute video, an astrophysical research scientist presents his scientific approach to seeing the connection between all things. Tom Chi has worked in a wide range of roles from astrophysical researcher to Fortune 500 consultant to corporate executive developing new hardware/software products and services. He has played a significant role in established projects with global reach (Microsoft Outlook, …

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The Great Invocation – 1945

5-minute video from the University of the Seven Rays. This invocation is a mantram for “Light and Power” and presents what may be considered a blueprint of the Divine Plan as the Plan is intended to express itself on Earth through the medium of the human race. The Tibetan Teacher and Master of the Wisdom, Djwhal Khul, labored most meticulously …

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Whirling dervishes and Rumi poetry

“Whirling Flames – Shastro and Rumi” – a very beautiful 8-minute video inspired by the whirling dance meditation, with music by Shastro, soulful singing by Surabhi and poetry by Rumi. You are not a drop in the ocean You are the entire ocean in a drop.”

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Encountering Another Being II

4-minute video from Dr. Stephan Harding, Resident Ecologist at Schumacher College who shares a moment of magic in describing the idea of ‘encounter’. This is a segment of the forthcoming film about the radical economist and ecologist, David Fleming, ‘The Seed Beneath the Snow’. Find out more here: By filling its environment with things it can control, the industrial market …

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The Chalice of the Heart

This video is over an hour long, but it’s quite wonderful to watch even a snippet of it. Published by Monadic Media, ‘The Chalice of the Heart’ is based upon Mary Gray’s book “The Chalice of the Heart – Christian Teachings of the Greek Adept 1949”  (available from Amazon). Psalm 27:- The one thing I ask of the Lord That which I …

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Short Buddhist stories

4 noble truths

A collection of short Buddhist stories or parables, including the above 1-minute summary of the 4 Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold path, narrated by Stephen Fry.         From the Alice Bailey books: I would point out that the two greatest revealing Agents Who have ever come to Earth within the range of modern history made the …

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An Indigenous View on Oneness

an indigenous view on oneness

3-minute video. Powerful words from Indigenous Elder, Miliwanga Wurrben, on the only true way to overcome obstacles and fighting in the world.

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