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Mandala Messages – Living Meditation

living meditation

4-minute video from Monadic Media on the simplicity of living meditation. You don’t have to light incense to meditate. You can appreciate the beauty of a flower with a meditative mind.”

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An Astronaut’s View of Earth

Col. Chris Hadfield speaks about his first awe-inspiring moments of seeing our planet from space.  He also speaks of the visible effects of climate change from outer space. Chris Hadfield has his own website

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Nikola Tesla: The Greatest Humanitarian & Most Dangerous Man

44-minute video (with ads). My brain is only a receiver; in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration”Nikola Tesla We know Nikola Tesla as an inventor, electrical and mechanical engineer. With over 700 international patents at the time of his death, The Serbian American immigrant catapulted humanity into an entirely new age – a …

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Mandala Messages ~ Spiritus

soul and spirit - video

3-minute video from Monadic Media. What is Spirit? What is Soul? The body is the vehicle … the mind is the tool that strives to reflect the light of the Soul “… in Pisces we have the fusion or blending of soul and form … producing the manifestation of the Incarnated Christ, the perfected individual soul”. – from Esoteric Astrology …

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Bird Song Opera

bird song opera

3.5-minute video. ShakeUp Music recomposed The Magic Flute Papageno/Papagena Duet into a colourful Mozart bird aria. Listen to an audiovisual Twitterstorm performed by our feathered fellows. Aum 36 “You have heard the prayer of the birds—the little brothers know how to welcome the light. They summon their most rapturous expression before the grandeur of light. Plants reach out toward the light. …

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The Thinker foresaw how few there would be who care to save the planet

great thunberg speech COP24

The Thinker foresaw how few there would be who care to save the planet.” – from Supermundane – Sloka 366 (see below) Greta Thunberg full speech at UN Climate Change COP24 Conference The above 3-minute video of 15-year old Greta Thunberg’s speech at the UN Climate Change COP24 Conference in Poland on 12th December, 2018.  Here is a transcription of her …

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The surprising thing I learned while sailing solo around the world

A 16-minute video of a TED talk. What do you learn when you sail around the world on your own? When solo sailor Ellen MacArthur circled the globe – carrying everything she needed with her – she came back with new insight into the way the world works, as a place of interlocking cycles and finite resources, where the decisions …

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Beloved – Meditative video

A 2-minute Meditation Video by Brenda Molloy and Helen Heinmiller.  This is based on fractal mathematics; think sacred geometry. It is calming and soothing, and studies in peer-reviewed journals have researched this. The soothing properties of the video allow the brainwaves to enter a high alpha or theta state which is a very receptive state, perfect for Helen’s spoken meditation …

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UN Climate Conference #COP24 in Poland – Sir David Attenborough

A 7-minute video from the United Nations Facebook pages. In the position of the People’s Seat at the UN Climate Conference #COP24 in Poland, Sir David Attenborough delivers a speech shaped by people from around the world and collected through social media demanding more #ClimateAction. (Please note: the above links are to Facebook pages.)

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Brenda Molloy Fractal Artist Introduction

Fractal Artist Brenda Molloy discusses her art in this introductory video. Click the above link for more information about Brenda, her art, and recently published book Art That Resonates – Harmonic Art for the Body/Mind/Spirit.

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