Tuesday , 16 July 2024
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Full SuperMoon in Capricorn July 3rd 2023

In this 35 minute video, Pam Gregory says the light of the SuperMoon will bring to light much that would have otherwise remained hidden. She also says that Capricorn can indicate, or manifest, the building of the new for the longer term, and Capricorn is also linked to integrity and responsibility; all of which indicates that we do not have to wait for the collapse of the old, before we commence building the new. Pam says it is also a time for making a choice, and that perhaps we have to ask ourselves, are we falling back to victim mentality, or are we moving forward to become a powered co-creator, because our Soul knows what to choose.

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Sydney Goodwill works to enhance all serving souls to develop their service, and to distribute the Ageless Wisdom teachings to all who are searching.

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