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Gemini Sun – Sagittarius Full Moon 2021

Actual Full Moon: Wed 26th May 9:13pm AEST

We are just about to enter the realm of Gemini for the coming month. The Sun will appear to go in front of the constellation of Gemini from our view here on Earth, thus acting as a filter or a magnifying glass for the collective power of all the stars compromising that constellation. From my understanding, that is how the power of the sign which the Sun is in for the month works. The energies of the zodiac and each constellation are available always, it takes the position of the Sun, the Moon, or the planets to set up the particular energetic field we find ourselves in at any one time. This is astrology.

These are extraordinary times! We have heard this phrase many times over the last year, and with good reason. Everyone can see we are entering new unchartered territory (at least in regard to Human knowing and understanding), and nothing we have experienced in our life so far has been anything like what we have now.

The one thing we can draw on is that there is an inbuilt Life force that is beyond Human perception and understanding, and this Life has a Path and a Plan that we can only glimpse or understand at the most basic level. This knowing or understanding is only somewhat understood when we are at our highest point of contact with the Soul. Such is the duality of life and the duality of the Human condition and experience.

The energy of duality is the perfect lead into Gemini. This sign, which is ruled by the twins of Castor and Pollux is the sign of duality. The glyphis of two pillars, connected at the top and the bottom by adjoining lines, thus showing that there is both duality and connection throughout life and that it is very normal and necessary to experience this duality.

This whole last year has seen massive amounts of duality in expression. Who would have thought 2 years ago we would see what is happening in the world today? There is constant duality in everyone’s life. Let’s look at some of the current issues – COVID and how each nation and each person individually has handled it. Masks and should they be worn? Vaccines and whether they are needed, safe and effective? Lockdowns and do they help or are they creating more problems? And both the very current and long-standing issue of Israel and Palestine and who is right. There are many more that we could add to this list.

Everyone has a different opinion on the above issues, and I think that the last year has seen this become more and more apparent. We are seeing the outer world and its inhabitants become more “black and white” with their views, with many places and people deciding based on an “us versus them” attitude. Believe it or not, this current collective happening already exists, deep in the core of Humanity. This current situation has only highlighted this and really brought it to the surface.

If we look out to the world, detached of emotional bias, we know that we have always lived with duality. The reason is that it is written into the Human experience. To get to know our Higher and lower selves and also to actually know and understand that we have a Higher and lower self, we need to have duality.

How would you know how to have compassion, if you never experienced lack in life or had it hard. How would you know Love, unless you experienced sadness and the feeling of being alone. How would you know bliss and joy, unless you had the experience of pain. This basic level of duality has always existed, yet in today’s world, it is highlighted like never before.

However, I believe we are coming to a crescendo. We can say that the lesson is well and truly anchored and now the other part of duality, that of the Higher Self, is impressing upon us more through the Inner Life. The gaping gap we now see in the world at the moment is being born from the Higher Self beginning to express and the effect from that is truly staggering.

I have heard many people over the last year say that the world is awakening. This is not from the esoteric community exclusively, but from other people who say they are awakening from a slumber. Whatever the stimulus was for them to become awake, it is born from the same impression, that of the inner Life.

So this Full Moon period will see duality come to the front of our minds. I say “minds” as Gemini is ruled by Mercury on the traditional level, and Mercury rules communication and the way we interact with each other. This of course means Mercury will be very present over the next month and anyone with Gemini in their charts or Mercury highlighted will feel this more so.

The first week of Sun in Gemini will be standard Gemini, meaning very changeable. Adding to this there is a Lunar eclipse at the time of the Full Moon. I think this will see this current cycle highlighted, with the theme of duality at its highest peak. I do not expect this to be overly comfortable to watch, yet we do not always know of the reasons why things happen, as we still experience duality with our lower self. Expect a bumpy beginning.

For most of the coming month, we will have a Mercury in retrograde. These retrogrades are generally difficult for most of us at the best of times, but given that it is in Gemini, we could say it is like double trouble. Or if you are an optimist and in touch with your Higher Self, you might be twice as likely to try and harness the energy of Gemini, as Mercury spends 3 weeks in slow motion retrograding.

Mercury whizzes around the Sun and is a speedy planet. He sits at the left of the Sun, ready to whisk his Solar rays and his Wisdom or Will out into the energetic field that is held by our Star. Being in apparent retrograde means this is slowed down. While it will halt communications, travel and the interaction with technology, the slowing down is a necessary chance to get your thoughts in order. As the vibration is slowed, allow yourself to take the opportunity to go back over things that you have missed. Everything is an opportunity.

The Full Moon period will see the actual Moon in the sign of Sagittarius. For a Sagittarius Sun and Gemini Full Moon like myself, this is complete opposition and has its own problems.

For everyone else, truth and the pursuit of truth will be most pertinent. Sagittarius is a seeker and with his arrows he searches for truth. Stand in your own truth, no matter what the cost might seem.

Allow the lead up to the Full Moon and the 3 days after it to be one where the pursuit of your own inner truth guides you, allowing you contact with the other part of yourself, the Higher Self. Gemini allows us the opportunity to experience many things, so don’t feel disheartened with yourself if you seem high and low or up and down. This is the energy dynamic.

However, behind the energy is love. Gemini is ruled by Venus on the Soul level and the Earth on the Hierarchical, so it is an important time. We also have the festival of the Christ, where He distributes the energy given to him by the Buddha at the Full Moon in Taurus.

A powerful time!!!

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Stephen is an Esotoric Astrologer and has a keen interest in the Esoteric line through the Alice Bailey books. Stephen offers astrological readings - - contact him via his Facebook page.

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