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The sun’s magnetic power

The sun’s massive magnetic field protects our entire solar system from the harmful impact of cosmic rays. The same magnetism, in the form of massive bursts of energy and magnetic fields from the sun, can have a devastating effect on those planets which are insufficiently protected.

A coronal mass ejection approaches Venus Photo:  NASA
A coronal mass ejection approaches Venus
Photo: NASA

This video shows how Venus is not protected by a strong magnetic field like the earth, and her atmosphere is devastated by solar winds.

Want a vision of earth gone wrong? Just look at what solar storms do our sister planet, Venus. 

The earth’s strong magnetic fields and our atmosphere protect us from the destructive effects of the sun’s “solar winds”. We receive just a small amount of the power from this solar energy, and as a result it has a positive impact and plays an integral part in shaping the climate here on Earth.

The above video is an excerpt from the prize-winning narrated movie “Dynamic Earth”, which is a high-point in technological achievement by NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio. The narrated movie, “Dynamic Earth,” took complex, state-of-the-art computational models from research institutions across the United States to create a high-resolution visualization of our universe for the big screen, which is now playing at planetariums around the world.

See also a full transcript of the video excerpt

All parts of the solar system are interdependent; all the forces and energies are in constant flux and mutation; all of them sweep in great pulsations, and through a form of rhythmic breathing, around the entire solar atom; so that the qualities of every solar life, pouring through the seven ray forms, permeate every form within the solar ring-pass-not, and thus link every form with every other form.”Esoteric Psychology I, by Alice Bailey [page 151]

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