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Great Buddha of Ushiku, Japan. One of the tallest statues in the world

Taurus Sun, Scorpio Full Moon 2018

Actual Full Moon:Monday 30th April 2018 10:58 am AEST

As another day of sunshine descends on a beautiful autumn day here in the southern hemisphere, I am reminded of the beauty of this living world that we live in. Depending on what circle of life you are living in, life can seem at times easy and fun, or complex and full of problems. Yet just looking out over a valley or looking up to the sky and watching clouds wander aimlessly across the horizon, one can find simplicity and calm through the most simple of pleasures, and transcend immediately into another world …..

We are entering the time of Taurus, where we are told in the Alice Bailey books that during the peak period of the full moon, the Buddha himself descends towards the Earth and gives his blessing to Humanity, through the World Teacher, the Christ Himself. This, of course, invokes the full attention and cooperation of the Hierarchy, where the Masters reside behind the veil of existence and try to steer Humanity and the other kingdoms towards their destiny.

Regardless of what we believe, the full moon period is one where there is heightened and stronger energies, with the Sun having full and direct communion with the Earth. As scientists and astronomers find out new and startling discoveries almost daily about our surrounding spacial neighbourhoods, we are only at the tip of the iceberg in understanding the relation of the effect of the Sun and how it rules and influences our lives on this living planet. And at the time of the full moon, the Moon itself is reflecting this energy, sitting behind the Earth and mirroring the rays sent forth from the Sun. Hence there is always a stronger influence at this time.

So if we are reaching the peak of the spiritual festival, during this full moon in Taurus, one would think that the effect would be magnified again considerably. Like all energies, however, their right use needs to be made through right choice.  We may be tempted to go through an old and used path of least resistance where something is easier and probably used to be the best way but is not necessarily so anymore.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign. It is ruled by our sister planet Venus, which gives it incredible use of the energies of beauty, love, music and the love of the physical form. Take note of some of the skies at this time, with some sunrises and sunsets quite breathtaking. Venus rules Taurus with all of the beauty that is expresses through the planet, so make sure you take time to recognise beauty in your life, in any way or shape that you see it. Taurus is a fixed sign and though it can be moved by desire, in the end it is symbolised by a bull, whose life involves eating grass in a paddock and being the ruler of its life within its boundaries. Simplicity is the key in life.

The will of Vulcan, that esoteric planet that is known to exist but just not where, rules Taurus on the Soul level. People often ask what the difference is between a traditional ruler and a Soul/Esoteric ruler. It could be explained as saying one is meant for an influence that is a base and that influences our lives on a daily basis. The other is to ascend past that, to go beyond the surface to reach the higher realms, accessing more subtle yet powerful energies which are there, but need to be earned.

Vulcan gives Taurus incredible will and strength to call upon as needed. In its first and early use by the bull, this would express as stubbornness and determination not to be beaten, as the bull progresses into the understanding that it has power and strength and cannot be pushed out of the way. But as the bull evolves, it realises that it then can do so on behalf of others and that its boundaries (fence) that have kept it feeling safe and secure, are now holding it back and need to be removed and destroyed, usually by going straight through it or perhaps more simply, by just opening the gate……

At this level the higher symbolism of Taurus is seen, the bull with the third eye open, allowing the higher mantram to come and influence – “I SEE AND WHEN THE EYE IS OPENED, ALL IS LIGHT”.

Having access to great will and power means you have great responsibility to yourself and those around you, including all the kingdoms. Using that wisely is a must, hence perhaps the use of it in Taurus, the most patient of all the signs.

Hopefully, during this full moon period, we will all, including our leaders, use our energies wisely, using love, beauty and the will to good, the spiritual will, to influence and shape our thinking and actions……


The astrological chart at the exact time of the full moon is actually quite free from extra disruptions, meaning it does not have a significant amount of complexity. There are not many squares and the ones that are there are relatively temporary, perhaps giving the period the full time to express a higher purpose or intent, without the added influence of extra things….

There are quite a few planets retrograding at the moment, with Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all seeming to head backwards. This just means they don’t give us their full outer expression, perhaps making us seek more deeply for their energies. Thankfully for most of us, Mercury has ended its run of disruption on our technological lives and decided to go forward again, allowing us all the chance to think normally again.

One of the most significant events for us this year, and happening very soon, is the change as Uranus moves away from Aries, into Taurus. Its last 7 years through Aries has brought immense change to our lives, setting into action so many changes that we would previously not have perceived as possible. This will slow down as it goes through Taurus, but in saying that, I think there will be other things that were on the periphery that will definitely come into physical manifestation during the next 7 years.

Uranus moves into Taurus on the 16th of May, where it stays content for a while before it starts retrograding until next year. It will be in Taurus until the 6th of November, almost giving us a 6-month tease before it moves back into Aries and then out again, from November 2018 to March 2019. Movements like this do not happen regularly, so they are more potent and powerful. Stay tuned!!

The Moon itself is in Scorpio during its fullness, bringing all the emotional influence of the scorpion/phoenix. Scorpio moons are deep and powerful, treat them carefully. The Scorpio influence will give us access to the psychic realms, opening us up to deeper understanding of the non-material. This, of course, is completely opposite to the earthy realms of Taurus. I think that Scorpio full moons give us a great opportunity to meditate and to access deeper portions of our own inner being which we might otherwise be reluctant to explore, allowing us to identify with long-established patterning in our lives. So this is a bonus. We just need to be mindful that Scorpio does have plenty of sting in the tail, and in addition, can inspire a heightened emotional state with the full moon, so watch our emotions……

The Ascendant at the time of the full moon is Aquarius. This creates a fixed T-square, perhaps complicating matters a little, yet showing us that there will be a strong and fixed determination to energies presenting. Aquarius will allow us to detach a little, and give us a stronger sensitivity to those around us, which is never a bad thing. Balancing a strong will expression, with an intense and deep emotional state, while thinking about others and opening up to the peak energies of the spiritual moment, is our task and challenge. Nothing could be easier …right? We can do this ……

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