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Invitation to a Silent Subjective Meditation

Join a Silent Subjective Meditation at the exact time of the Equinox

on Wednesday March 20th

3:07am GMT London, 4:07am CET Geneva, 8:37am IST Darjeeling 12:07pm JST Tokyo

2:07pm AEDT Sydney

Tuesday March 19th

11:07pm EDT New York



a radiant Sun with 

an Eye of the World Servers Group 

within the Triangle of Humanity-Hierarchy-Shamballa

At this time the World Servers group is stimulated by the two rulers of Aquarius (Uranus and Jupiter) conjunct in Taurus, which is the sign of the Planetary Eye/ New Group of World Servers. Thus the Eye of the Planet is illuminated. This moment offers the possibility to really see in a greater depth through the eyes of the Heart, through the eyes of the Chalice, what is opening up in all three dimensions of Being.

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Note: the above is a link to a 59-minute video recording of a Cycles Creative Lab with Antonella Nobilio

With this Equinox and the coming Festival of Aries we enter into the period of gestation and preparation leading to the Capricorn Solstice, which is the Gate to 2025.


In the Light of the One Work,
Silent Circle of groups.


Image: Quin Benson from Pixabay/Graphic: Wendy J Thompson

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