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sun in virgo

Sun in Virgo – Moon in Pisces 2015

Here in the Southern Hemisphere, we are almost at the end of our winter. With the change comes spring, the quintessential season for the birthing of the new. After a long winter, nature changes its energy, allowing the growth of everything to start growing, or to come to full term. Flower buds begin their opening, plants begin their upward search, and new animals are born.

The symbolism for Virgo is one of the mother and the child, the maiden, purity and selfless work. Virgo is mutable Earth, meaning for all the Earth signs, it is the most adaptable and changeable, the one that can change the most easily. I think that Taurus and Capricorn are both probably known for their stubbornness, the reluctance to change, in Virgo we have the Earth sign that will change the most easily with its environment. This is probably a lot to do with its symbolism, as a mother must adapt to her children, to what is put in front of them, to the work and service that is required at the time.

As the sun heads into Virgo, we could question in what way we must adapt to meet the new, the service required from us, the work in front of us. As we move away from Leo, where new creative change and the shining of our light was emphasised, we could look to this Earth sign and think, how can these new creative ideas find foundation, how can we outlay them, give them the essence of spring and help them be planted in the ground, to allow them to be birthed out in matter, in substance.

The higher mantra for Virgo is “I am the mother and the child, I, God, I matter am”. This could be interpreted in a few ways, the simplest being God is everything, the mother of creation and also the one created. The mother and the child. It could also be said that God is spirit itself, obviously, but also the lowest expression of spirit, matter or earth being. We can be apt to forget that matter is spirit in form, just in its lowest expression, yet spirit it still is. Realistically there is no divide, and we are here on Earth to link the two. Our highest expression would be to know the highest part of ourselves whilst living in physical incarnation. Look to Virgo currently to provide that link.

Whilst looking over the chart for the time of the full moon, the first impression was one of a split of energies. There are 2 distinct sets of energies on either side of the chart as planets are opposing each other. After another view of it, using Virgo analytical interpretation, one can see both Saturn and Pluto in the middle of these 2 groups offering what appears to be synthesis of the energies. Perhaps the combination of the karmic Saturn, the last planet that we are able to see with the naked eye, plus Pluto, the planet that is the furthest away from the Sun and one that we have only really just seen close up for the first time, will provide a clue as to what is happening at the moment. If Saturn is one for responsibility, Pluto opens the doors to the most subtle of realms.

The Sun is in Virgo and the Moon is in Pisces at the time of the full moon. The axis between Virgo and Pisces is one which is very much related to the higher mantra of Virgo, involving matter which is Virgo and spirit, which would be much closer related to Pisces. Whilst Virgo is earthy and involves very much the practical and mundane, Pisces is much more subjective, the higher realms of spirit, the universal and one presence.

Perhaps Saturn and Pluto will bring these dualistic energies into a more synthetic understanding. As we look to the creative ideas sensed and shown in Leo and look to birth and give them earthy application in Virgo, we could probably look to the synthesis of Saturn and Pluto to meld the two. Maybe with the sense of responsibility, our own and Karmic on the basis of our being Human, plus understanding the pure power of change that is available once we decide on doing things that are more subtle and for the greater good of all, we will balance the energy that relates spirit and matter, to give birth to that third thing that comes from that – consciousness.

Jupiter, that has just spent roughly a year going through Leo, has now moved into Virgo, which is where it finds its highest expression, as it is Virgo’s Hierarchical ruler. Coincidence that this happens not far from the peak of Virgo’s energy at the time of the full moon, or perfectly planned in correspondence with the great law of energy conservation and maximisation…Either way, we can look to Jupiter to really impart its endless supply of wisdom over this coming year, starting with this full moon to really anchor in this mutable earth sign that is Virgo. It is possible we will have much wisdom given from the most subtle realms over this coming year, if we are open to it. Virgo will allow us to apply it practically, to analyse and sift through it and make it work through work and service.

As always, we look to the ascendant at the time of the full moon to look at the overarching energy. Like a base point ruling the rest of the chart, is Leo the lion, carrying the energy contacted last month into this month and beyond. Like a beacon of light, it shines, impressing this full moon period with the courage to apply and make use of everything that is available. When new ideas are birthed, resistance is often met, yet you can count on Leo to make it happen.

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