Thursday , 7 December 2023
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Signs of Christ

'Signs of Christ' painting by Nicholas Roerich 1924

At this time of year many around the world are preparing to celebrate the birth of One who, by taking human form, brought something new into the world: a full embodiment of the inherent divinity in us all, and the revelatory demonstration that Life is eternal, and is imbued with abiding love and clarifying light. Even though persecuted by those …

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In Trailing Clouds of Glory

This year seems to be passing more quickly than ever before and we are now approaching that time when we celebrate the birth of a child who became a great Teacher of love and wisdom. He brought joy into the world and taught with such simplicity that all might understand. We are told that: …The Great One taught people to …

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The Power of Simplicity


While many may delight in celebrity culture, there are far more amazing and inspiring people living among us – possibly right next door – if only we knew their story. One might wonder just how many heroes we pass in the street without realising that we have walked through the radiance of greatness. God is in everything from the little …

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Approaching the great simplicity of Being

Flowers & Pattern

If everything we nurture is a seed of the future, we might need to consider what kind of future we are creating from the substance of our energy and focussed attention. Since everything carries within it the potent force of its potential we are always in a position to direct that potential towards constructing a world which – deep down …

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