Thursday , 18 April 2024
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Wisdom Bites – Soul Identity

11 minute video from Justin Wilkinson featuring Tuija Robbins, Michael D. Robbins and William Meader speaking of the soul identity within humanity and beyond.

What is that quality of love that allows us to be more deeply and fully who we are?”Tuija Robbins

Our next great adventure is to identify ourselves as the illuminated, loving, sacrificially willing soul.”Michael Robbins

When greater light tries to impress itself into form, there will be a reaction, and it will force negative elements out of the shadows. And we see that happening today all over the world, whether it’s to do with corrupt politicians or corruption around business or we see the rise of the jihadist movement. All of these represent shadowy elements within the collective consciousness of humanity, or within the consciousness of a nation or a theology.”William Meader

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