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Ponder On This by Alice Bailey

Book of the Month – Ponder On This, by Alice A. Bailey

Our book of the month for February 2014

Ponder On This is a compilation of extracts from the 24 books by Alice Bailey – arranged by subject matter in alphabetical order.  This arrangement makes it easy to browse the book, and select a topic of interest.

Who should read this book

  1. People who are new to the Alice Bailey books. Many students of the Alice Bailey material agree that this book is a good introduction to the complete works.
  2. Alice Bailey enthusiasts who may have read many or most of her books, but would still enjoy being able to browse through select extracts by topic.  There are 186 topics.

Why it is suitable for first-time readers
This compilation was prepared by a student of The Tibetan’s teaching in Pretoria in 1971.  The compiler was aware that some sections of the Alice Bailey books “are out of the mental reach of the average student.”  It was his or her aim to bring those concepts that can be more readily understood into the reach of the average student through a system of classification by subject matter –  and so to stimulate interest.

How readable is it?
The arrangement by subject matter makes it easy to browse the book, and select a topic of interest.

Why is it worth reading?
Please join our discussion below, and leave a comment about the benefits you have experienced from reading or browsing this book.

Where can you buy it?
You can purchase this from your preferred online bookseller, such as:-

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  • Topics
  • Contents
  • Extract From The Book
  • The Author
Topics include:

  • The Ancient Mysteries
  • Courage
  • Crisis
  • Guidance
  • Joy
  • Mind
  • The New Age
  • Visualisation

Headings under which the material is arranged alphabetically

  1. Some Basic Assumptions
  2. Food for Thought
  3. Abstruse Teachings
  4. Age of Disciples
  5. Agni
  6. Alignment
  7. The Ancient Mysteries
  8. Antahkarana
  9. Aspirant
  10. The Astral (Emotional) Body
  11. Astral Phenomena
  12. Astral Plane
  13. Astrology
  14. Aura
  15. Breathing Exercises
  16. The Buddha
  17. The Causal Body
  18. Centres (Force)
  19. A Challenge
  20. The Christ
  21. The Christ: Reappearance of
  22. Colour
  23. Consciousness
  24. The Constitution of Man
  25. Courage
  26. Cremation
  27. Crime
  28. Crisis
  29. Criticism
  30. Cycles (Cyclic Impulses)
  31. The Dark Forces
  32. Death, Death: The Art of Dying
  33. Death: Restitution
  34. Death: Sequence of Events
  35. Detachment
  36. Devachan
  37. Devas
  38. Diet
  39. Disciples: Acceptance of
  40. Disciples
  41. Discipline: Physical
  42. The Dweller on the Threshold
  43. East and West
  44. .. and more including – Education, The Ego (Soul), Electricity, Elementals, Elimination (After Death), Energy and Force, Energy in the Universe, Esotericism, Etheric Body (Vital Body), Failure, Fear, The Fifth Kingdom (The Kingdom of God), The Four Freedoms, Free Will, To Give, Glamour, Glands, God, Goodwill and Will-to-Good, The Great Invocation, Group Relationships, Guidance, Harmlessness, Healing, Health and Disease, Hell, The Hierarchy, The Hierarchy: Externalisation of , Horoscope, Humanity, Human Races, Humility, Hylozoism, Ideas and Ideals, Identity, Illumination, Illusion, Immortality, Impersonality, Incarnation, Incarnation: Intervals Between, Indifference, Initiation, Initiation: Applicants for First Initiation-Second Initiation- Third Initiation- Fourth Initiation, Inner Training, Inoculations, Inspirational Writing, Intuition, Joy, Karma, Knowledge, Law, Law of Loving Understanding, Leadership, Light, Limitation of Words, Lost Souls, Love, Magic: White and Black, Man as Creator and Builder, Masters, The Master Djwhal Khul, Maya, Medical Science, Medicine: Mineral Drugs, Meditation, Mind (Manas), Money, The Moon, Motive, Nature of Man, The New Age, The New Generation, The New Group of World Servers, New Teachings, The New World Religion, Obedience, Occult Blindness, Occultists and Mystics, The Old Commentary, Overpopulation, Pain, The Personality, The Physical Body, The Pilgrim, The Plan, The Planets, Prana, The Probationary Path, Prophecies, Psychic Powers, Rays, Recognition, Reincarnation, Relinquishing, Revelation, Ring-Pass-Not, Sanat Kumara, The Sannyasin, Schools of Occultism, Schools of Thought, Sense of Humour, Sensitivity, Serenity, Servers and Service, The Sex Problem, Shamballa, Sight, Solitude, The Soul, Sound, Space, Speech, Spirit, Spiritual Evolution of Man, Spiritual Man, Spiritualism, Stage, Reached on Evolutionary Ladder, Symbols, Synthesis, Teaching, Telepathy, The Third Eye, Thought-Forms, Thought-Form Building: Rules, Thought Power, Time, Triangles of Light, Truth, Virtue, Visualisation, War, The Wesak Festival, Wisdom, Words of Power, Worry and Irritation, Zodiac. Conclusion


Pages 226-227:

(1) Be joyful, for joy lets in the light, and where there is joy there is little room for glamour and misunderstanding.  (5-461).

… It is helpful to differentiate between happiness, joy and bliss:

First, happiness, which has its seat in the emotions, and is a personality reaction.

Second, joy, which is a quality of the soul and is realised in the mind, when alignment takes place.

Third, bliss, which is the nature of Spirit and about which speculation is fruitless until the soul realises its oneness with the Father.  This realisation follows upon an earlier stage where the personal self is at-oned with the soul. Therefore speculation and analysis as to the nature of bliss is profitless to the average man whose metaphors and terminologies must perforce be personal, and related to the world of the senses.  Does the aspirant refer to his happiness or joy?  If he refers to the latter, it must come as the effect of group consciousness, of group solidarity, of oneness with all beings, and may not be interpreted in terms of happiness at all.  Happiness comes when the personality is meeting with those conditions which satisfy it in one part or other of its lower nature; it comes when there is a sense of physical well being, of contentment with one’s environment or surrounding personalities, or of satisfaction with one’s mental opportunities and contacts.  Happiness is the goal of the separated self. … (4-268/70)


Pages 249-250:

…(4) And now what methods may be employed to safeguard the worker in the field of the world?  What can be done to ensure his safety in the present strife, and in the greater strife of the coming centuries?

  1. A realisation that purity of all the vehicles is the prime essential.  If a Dark Brother gains control over any man, it but shows that that man has in his life some weak spot.  The door whereby entrance is effected, must be opened by the man himself; the opening whereby malignant force can be poured in, must be caused by the occupant of the vehicles.  therefore the need of scrupulous cleanliness of the physical body, of clean steady emotion permitted in the emotional body, and of purity of thought in the mental body.  when this is so, co-ordination will be present in the lower vehicles, and the indwelling Thinker himself permits no entrance.
  2. The elimination of all fear.  the forces of evolution vibrate more rapidly than those of involution, and in this fact lies a recognisable security.  Fear causes weakness; weakness causes a disintegration; the weak spot breaks and a gap appears, and through that gap evil force may enter.  The factor of entrance is the fear of the man himself, who opens thus the door.
  3. A standing firm and unmoved, no matter what occurs.  Your feet may be bathed in the mud of the earth, but your head may be bathed in the sunshine of the higher regions.  Recognition of the filth of earth involves not contamination.
  4. A recognition of the use of common-sense, and the application of this common-sense to the matter in hand.  Sleep much, and in sleeping, learn to render the body positive; keep busy on the emotional plane, and achieve the inner calm.  Do naught to overtire the body physical, and play whenever possible. In hours of relaxation comes the adjustment that obviates later tension. (2 – 137/8)

(5) The cultivation of emotional tranquility is one of the first steps towards the achievement of the needed equipment of the white magician.  This tranquility is not to be achieved by an effort of the will which succeeds in strangling all astral vibratory activity, but by the cultivation of response to the Ego, and negation of all response to the inherent vibration of the astral sheath itself (3 – 983).

See also: “Dark Forces.”

This compilation contains extracts from 18 of the 24 books of Alice A. Bailey, which were written between 1919-1949. Most of the books, were written in cooperation with a Tibetan teacher.

This compilation was prepared by a student of the Alice Bailey material in Pretoria and was first published in 1971.  It was the compiler’s hope that the reader should refer to the source material in the books to get the information in its proper context and full detail.   References to the source material are given with each quotation by referring to a book number and page number.  For example (18 – 323) refers to page 323 of the 18th book – The Rays and the Initiations.


“Suffice it to say, that I am a Tibetan disciple of a certain degree, and this tells you but little, for all are disciples from the humblest aspirant up to, and beyond, the Christ Himself. I live in a physical body like other men, on the borders of Tibet, …” Read more

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  1. I have often wondered which is a good book of Alice Bailey’s to recommend to people to read first. Now that I have a copy of Ponder on This myself, I must agree … it is a good introduction to the other books because you can browse by topic. There is a very comprehensive list of topics … 186 in all. So a ‘new’ reader who is not sure of say, who the ‘Hierarchy’ is, or what is being referred to by the ‘Ego’ can go to those topics and get a good overview.

    It is great to learn that the compiler deliberately left out the more challenging parts of the material which “are out of the mental reach of the average student.” This reassures me that it really is the most suitable book to recommend for new readers.

  2. Many years ago I was impressed by A Baileys prediction made in 1930 that Germany would go through hell and come out and later will become a leading light in world politics.
    Does anyone remember this and can perhaps locate the actual quote?
    Thanks, Max

    • mm

      Hi Max, we have been reflecting on your question and have no definitive answer as yet although this reference does indicate Germany’s destined role in world revelation. Perhaps the below reference is what you were thinking of? In loving service, Judy & Viv
      “the genius of Germany has often in the past manifested along the line of its fourth ray soul, and through that soul pattern has been given to the world much of the outstanding music and philosophies. When this is again manifested, and the soul pattern is more strongly impressed upon the German consciousness, we shall begin to comprehend the significance of the superman. Germany has caught a vision of this ideal. It is as yet misinterpreting it, but Germany can give us the pattern of the superman, and this is its ultimate destiny.” [Esoteric Psychology I, page 392]

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