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Sun in Scorpio – Full Moon in Taurus 2020

Actual Full Moon: Sunday 1st November 2020 1:49am AEDT (Time in Sydney, Australia)

We are now approaching the opposite time of year to the spiritual high point, where the conditions are reversed, and the Sun will be in Scorpio and the Full Moon in Taurus. The spiritual high point of the year, explained by the writings of Alice A. Bailey, occurred during the Sun’s movement through Taurus and the subsequent Full Moon when the moon passed in front of the constellation of Scorpio. This is said to be a time when the Buddha of Light descended back to Earth and gave his blessing to the waiting Christ, who dispersed the blessing to the waiting Humanity during the period of Gemini.

What does this mean for us here on Earth? Part of it means that the blessing has been fully dispersed and we are now reaching the end of a long expulsion of expressive energy. Imagine in terms of a breath – we have just had a long out-breath and we are now approaching that pause that happens before we then take an in-breath. Of course, we do this many thousands of times throughout one day, but in terms of bigger celestial objects, a breath can last a long time. The usual pattern or cycle would be –

  • Pause or gathering of force or energy. Here energy builds and the tension collects, readying for distribution
  • Forceful expulsion of breath or collected energy, in the form of an out-breath
  • Another pause as we ready for an intake of breath
  • An intake of breath as forces or energy is gathered in, to be collected and gathered for expression

The above gives a description of the processes of energetic cycles. In this case, we have reached the expulsion of this year’s spiritual inflow and now the subsequent pause and time of reflection, before we move upwards again towards the spiritual festival in Aries, Taurus and Gemini next year.

This is a time of going inwards, as characterised by the traditional associations attached to Scorpio. This is a sign of internal reflection and the valley experience. Scorpios themselves are often secretive and keep things to themselves, choosing to be very selective of whom they let into their world. There is a holding of energy, common with a fixed sign as Scorpio is. They are quite selective with where they put their focus, partly as when they do, they have an intensity that few can match. They are often all or nothing. Anyone that has a bit of Scorpio influence will know what I mean.

We can expect this type of influence to express out in Humanity at the moment. People will be internally processing, especially with a retrograde Mercury doubling the effect of going inwards. I also expect that many hidden things will then come up to the surface out of this processing, as Scorpio and especially its ruling planet of Pluto, reveals the hidden. Every day more and more truth in the world is being revealed. Things that have been covered up, twisted, manipulated, hidden, will come out and be exposed to the light. This is more so towards the end of this month of October as it gets closer to the Full Moon – plus the timing of Halloween, Samhain and All Saints Day – where the veils between the worlds are thinned and contact with the spiritual realm can be more easily achieved.

Scorpio is a sign that when you come under its influence, you truly go within and seek out your shadow side. From seeing that internal side and the dweller on the threshold (that which holds you back in evolution), we begin a process of internal and outward conflict, as we learn to shed layers of experiences and things we no longer need, so that we can stand clearer in the light. Scorpio rules discipleship and also comes under the influence of the 4th Ray – Harmony through Conflict. It is not an easy sign at all and brings many challenges. These challenges though are natural things needed for discipleship, for progressing further along the evolutionary path. Without testing we do not know whether we have learnt the needed lessons before we can move further along the Path.

Due to the above, Scorpio is very much a sign of the warrior and the battles that we need to fight throughout lives. In an ideal world, this energy would stay internal and we would all go through a process of delving within ourselves and deal with that in a reflective way, through change and the process of letting go and death to old worn out mental, emotional and physical forms. Unfortunately, this often spills out into the outside experience. Battles are fought outside of ourselves and then involve others, which accumulates karma.

The positive of the fight and battle can be felt and seen with the mantra for this sign -‘Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge triumphant’. Warriors we are (we need to be to live on this Earth with all of its pain and hardships), yet we will emerge triumphant. It is important to remember this. If we understand the process of this mantra, we come to an understanding that in the end, we will always be triumphant, no matter the length of the battle. Nothing could be more encouraging than this at the moment with the way the world is currently and also with all that will come our way in the coming months.

The Full Moon period is going to be very interesting astrologically. At the time of the Full Moon, Uranus will be conjunct the moon almost exactly, whilst being in opposition to the Sun. This will add an increased power to this heightened Full Moon, adding a lot of feeling, emotion and an increased sense of wanting to be free. The restrictions that we have had over the last 6 months will really weigh on people’s nerves and emotions during this time. Uranus will definitely conjure feelings of seeking freedom and those areas of the globe that still have very tight restrictions will see an increased rebellious attitude from those most affected.

This of course is a natural thing; the Great Architect does not do things randomly. There are always safeguards and prompts for expressive energy to counter-balance planetary influences. If you consider that Uranus will be conjunct the Moon at the time of the Full Moon, all in Taurus, then you will see it is not a coincidence. The Sun will draw our focus towards Scorpio, through the processes of going inwards and the mental processes of deliberating within ourselves. The Moon/Uranus opposition will seek to ground (Taurus) a newer emotional expression, to prevent us from getting too lost in our own psyche. Such is astrology.

Another challenge thrown up will be Mercury squaring Saturn. Both are involved with mental processes. Retrograde Mercury will want us to seek balance with how we are communicating, while Saturn will remind us of our responsibility. This ties in with the newer emotional expression with the Moon/Uranus and how we can get caught up with the moment.

Our best response to these energies is to not get too emotional, and to limit restrictions that prevent us from energising new patterns. 

As always, astrology provides us with insights and influences each and every day. However, it is always up to us how we respond, with our insight, our wisdom and our will. There are always bigger energetic impulses at play, we do our best when we try to sync and flow with the current energies, instead of fighting them all the way.

Let’s hope that, out of the current events, we see things as they are and increasingly apply truth and light for discernment.

About Stephen Bayliss

Stephen is an Esotoric Astrologer and has a keen interest in the Esoteric line through the Alice Bailey books. Stephen offers astrological readings - - contact him via his Facebook page.


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